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    What Is The Value Of Your Home & How Is The Value Determined

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    No matter what the condition, size, and location, we'll buy it without closing fees and commission. One of our local real estate experts will evaluate your home and determine an accurate buying price. Within 24 hours, you'll get our highest and best offer. No need to clean up, we purchase all houses as is. 

    How To Find The Value Of Your Home

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    The value of your home is not the amount you paid when you bought it or the amount that you paid for improvements. It is the amount that a ready, interested, and able buyer would pay.

    To find that value, try to look at comparable properties near your area that got sold in the last six months. Consider your home as the "subject property" and the sold houses as "comparable properties".

    Find three comparable properties which have the same size, style, and amenities of your house. Adjust the value of your home if you see differences between your house and the comparable properties. Since this is a complicated task, our real estate professionals are able to assist in the comparative market analysis.

    Another way is to use online evaluation tools. These tools try to estimate the value of your home based on current sales and listing prices in a certain location. A more accurate way is to simply fill out our form above to have Arizona Homes for Cash estimate the value of your home for you.

    Why Home Value Is Important

    It's important that you know the true value of your home because it helps you get the best offer when you need to sell your home for cash in Phoenix. There are many factors that can affect the value of your house, but you don't need to worry about those costly repairs needed to do so. Arizona Homes for Cash makes the best cash offer on your home as is. The house itself is the largest asset that you can have and it's important to understand the value of your investment. The real estate market has largely developed, but one truth remains the same that if you know the real value of your home, you'll be able to seek a fair offer. 

    Buy my house Arizona

    Buy my house Arizona

    Factors That Determine Your Home's Value

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    • Location: Your neighborhood can increase the value of your house.
    • Square Footage: The size of livable space will be considered in evaluating the value of your home.
    • Age: Newer homes with fewer issues or older homes situated in historic districts are more likely to have a high appraisal.
    • The number of bedrooms and bathrooms: The more bedrooms and bathrooms, the higher the appraisal value.
    • Other factors include style, curb appeal, and recent house innovations.

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